Different Types Of Digital Art Forms You Should Know

Digital art is one of the latest forms of art which is highly admired around the world. There are different types of digital arts like photography, digital painting, creating vector, etc. It has got its fair share of following among the people and artists have come up with some breathtaking and unconventional art pieces that are gaining praise from all types of experts and critiques. More and more people across the world are slowly getting aware of the field and an array of new digital artists has come up in front of the masses.

Digital art is still relatively new and is still expanding, which is why a lot of new branches keep on emerging every now and then. If you are also interested in digital arts, the following are some of the types of digital art that you should be aware of.

Digital photography

This is certainly the most popular type of digital art that has followers around the world. Photography requires a lot of the same elements of personality that you need to have as a painter. You will need to have the scenery in your mind and then you will have to set up the best angles, lighting, and distance to get the best shot. Photography is also further divided into different branches like wildlife photography, sports photography, fashion photography, etc. The career opportunities in this field are also very fruitful, to say the least, and you will enjoy being a part of it.

Integrated digital art

This is the manipulation of photos or videos and can be created with the manipulation of different files into one. You can get images, merge videos into them, and create a final result. There is no limitation on the files, effects, and software that you can use and the results are usually astonishing. To create these arts, you will need to have good knowledge about digital art form, have a great imagination and creativity. As the digital world can be manipulated quite easily and there are no limitations there, the possibilities are endless.

Digital painting

This is just like real painting but is done in a digital environment using painting software. The artworks need to be created from scratch on the digital environment just like real life with the use of digital brush and colors. Creating these art pieces can be a very complex task and can be very time taking to say the least. Also, you will need to have proper equipment and software along with having proper knowledge about how to use them.

Photo painting

This is a simple painting with computer software over an existing image to add more intensity to it. These are created by using a real-life image and using painting software to create new additions in the drawing. You can summarize it as image editing in a way but to say the least, you can uplift the image by ding this and it is very easy to use as well.