How Digital Painting Is Better Than Traditional Painting?

Beauty is admired by people, when it comes to painting. Painting is done for a very long time in the past. With time, it is made more colorful and meaningful. But now, as in the digital age everything is made easy and accurate with computers, so is the painting. Digital painting is now emerging at a very fast rate. Many people are using their screen as canvas and try to paint their thoughts and realities. It can be done on computers, tablets, smartphones, and such devices. It is a lot better than the traditional way of painting.

With traditional painting

If you learn any type of traditional painting such as oil painting or any other, you get to spend a lot of money to become a professional painter. Also, these types require paper, colors, brushes, and other mediums to draw and paint on the paper. Another drawback is that it is a very time-consuming process. First you have to take inspiration, have an idea in your mind and then think about the right colors. Still, making it wonderful and different from others is very difficult. It requires a lot of patience and skills with precision. However, those who love painting enjoy doing it and it is very relaxing for them.

With digital painting

If you go for digital painting, it doesn’t require any material or tools as the required items are already available in the painting application on the computer or the tablet. With the digital medium, the possibilities can be taken to the highest level. You can test and check your creation, add different effects in it, adjust light, and more. You can express your ideas and thoughts better with digital painting. Another great thing about digital painting is that you also get a soft copy of your work which you can get printed on paper or canvas. You can make changes in it anytime to make it look better.

Draw any type digitally

Good paintings always have value in the market. People look for originality and uniqueness. It is up to you how far you can spread your imagination. It is said that paintings carry emotions and meanings which are admired differently by different people. Some people like realism while others buy impressionism. It is up to you which type you choose. You can make the work easy with digital painting. It is not much different than traditional painting; it is a lot better than it.

Have fixed income

Digital artworks may not be good for museums or art gallery but they have better scope in magazine covers, video game industry or the comic world, etc. A person can make good money out of it also. No doubt, the traditional paintings can be felt and touched. People buy them from galleries and museums to hang it in their homes or offices by paying a handsome price. But there is no fixed income with it. There is a lot of hard work required for it even then sometimes the artist gets a lot less than he expects.

Digital painting can be done regularly as a job. You can have a fixed income with it. Also, the demand for good graphic designers is always there. So, if you are a traditional painter, it will be good to learn digital painting too.